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Ok, so the job hunt has officially resumed, I’m back on the online train and trying to stay as far away as possible from the c.v thing as possible.  Hmmm… Paper Route… Anyway, things have reached an all time low, I can’t get a job as a waitress. And I’ve tried.

I’m going to take a vote, is it really bad that I want to lie about experience (how hard can pastry chef-ing REALLY be?) or that I want to lie and say that I’m taking time off college to support my ever-growing pile of financial worries, none of which will have any effect on the hours which I can work…

On the Bright side, I’ve been invited to a ball. How cool is that?!?! : )


Yay Kerry!!

I’m back in Kerry!! 🙂  I came to see Tara and Jane because I still havn’t found a job and y’know ’cause they’re awesome and I missed them. Also, Jane needs me. Lobster. ❤  🙂

Ugly Naked. . .girl?! – Nudey Nudey Neighbours!

So today I went off for a swim and found the pool  pretty full, but still managed to find myself a bit of space and started my swim nice and calmly, ’til some fanny fart gets in the pool and takes over my lane from the other end. Bitch. She gets in right, and starts to swim directly towards me, pissing the hell outta me until I realised the silly bitch can’t swim in a straight line, so shes off in the opposite corner by the time she’s done. Epic. So I continue my swim, the whole time keeping an eye out for the two white stripes of her swimming hat lest I be the ice berg to her (completely off course) titanic. After a while I get kicked out by the pool attendant type person and head back to the changing rooms passing a VERY naked person in the COMMUNAL showers on my way past.

Now, I have a little bit more modesty than the average person, I’m pretty shy, particularly in a changing room. Generally I do the whole dressing inside a towel thing which I’ve pretty much mastered but if, like yesterday, there are only people very much older than me and all of THEM are naked I’ll hold it the towel more loosely, I mean, who are they to criticise, at least all of me is still above sea level.

So today I pass this girl and grab my shampoo (garnier fructis protect and shine if you’re interested) from my bag and pop into the shower “area”, but not before seeing the same striped swimming hat from the floater in the pool lying beside my bag, and start to shower WITH my togs on, because y’know, she might judge me or whatever, also she was being pretty brazenly naked and that made me nervous. Anyway I bend down to pick up my shampoo (ha ha I dropped the soap) and catch her eye on the way back up, and it turns out to be my neighbour, who I’ve always had the idea dosn’t like me very much.

So nither of us say anything, for which I am eternally thankful, now is not the time to do the ‘so what are YOU doing at the moment (apart from being naked and embarrassed)’ bit. She hurries the rest of her shower, I take it a bit slower, might have ti awkwardly pass her in the changing room later, and finish up and wrap my towel around my hair and toddle off in search of my clothes.

So I round the corner to my little spot which was otherwise deserted when I arrived, I see the owner of the striped swimming cap, and this time she’s half clothed! Ah, more awkward gaze avoiding!!

I dress in my towel, (I’m embarrassed enough for her, besides there’s no reason why we should BOTH be naked. Besides if one of us gets to be wearing a towel in this story I’d so much rather it was me than her) and am still thanking god that neither of us has deemed it necessary to say anything. I’m thinking that maybe we can both just pretend this never even happened, it’s probably best for everyone involved.

So after a few minutes she’s leaving and in my head I’m thinking the worst thing she could do is say goodbye, because then we have to acknowledge the fact that we’ve both been ignoring each other until now. But clearly I underestimated her because she managed to say the only thing worse.

‘Do ye wanna lift?’

Blog later for more!! 🙂

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